Recover. Heal. Manage pain.

Fulfill your potential with a healthy body and confident spirit.

Physical Therapy Center is an osteopathic manual therapy practice that treats orthopedic conditions and rehabilitates injuries and pain in the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.


For each patient, we first listen attentively then conduct an in-depth body evaluation to identify the primary condition and underlying causes of the issue. Your therapist will develop a plan to address the problem holistically, with a long-term solution in mind.


Your therapist is your choice

If you have a prescription for physical therapy, regardless of the provider listed, you have the right to choose your own provider. 

Our goal at Physical Therapy Center is to lead you to better health, complete fitness and peace of mind. Read about the experiences of some of our patients.

Thank you so much for using your P.T./M.T. skills to make my life a lot more comfortable! Priceless! – Mary