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Treatment Tailored to You

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Every person who comes to
Physical Therapy Center is
unique, which means their
treatment plan is too.

There are many reasons to see a physical therapist, and our trained professionals have experience with a range of medical diagnoses and conditions. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive care and treatment plan that you can sustain independently, even after your sessions end. 


Treat musculoskeletal disorders or diseases. Functional impairments of the muscular-skeletal systems (especially the spine) can cause many issues, but respond successfully to treatment.

     Spinal misalignment  •  Joint disorders  •  Scoliosis  •  Torticollis 

Pelvic Floor
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Relieve symptoms of pelvic disorders. Pelvic floor disorders and dysfunction affect individuals of all ages. With our specialized Pelvic Floor Therapy approach and treatment, patients can experience relief from pelvic floor issues such as: 

  • Pelvic, abdominal, coccyx and sacroiliac pain 

  • Frequent urination

  • Urinary and bowel incontinence

  • Post-prostatectomy

  • Pre and post-natal pain  

  • Constipation                                 

Pain Control

Address and control pain. When it comes to pain, it’s best to find the underlying structural cause (e.g., a joint in the neck with poor mobility is causing headaches). This means there are many ways to treat pain. Here are common pain areas we treat:
     Neck  •  Back  •  Shoulder  •  Knee  •  Chronic pain  •  Headaches  •  Other areas

Recover From Injury

Recover from injury.  A range of therapy and treatment options will get you back on your feet soon after sports and orthopedic injuries.

  • Sprain/strain/fracture

  • Nerve injury

  • Joint injury in hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow or wrist

  • Tendonitis:

      Tennis elbow  •  Swimmer’s shoulder  •  Golfer’s elbow  •  Jumper’s knee  •  Pitcher’s shoulder

Rehabilitate Surgery

Rehabilitate from surgery or other medical procedures. Post-operatively, a trained therapist will help you minimize the adverse effects of surgery such as pain and swelling, and restore normal movement, flexibility and function. Sometimes physical therapy is recommended before surgery to maximize joint motion and overall strength and endurance. 
   Hip replacement  •  Knee replacement  •  Shoulder replacement  •  Other orthopedic surgeries 

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