Meet the Team

Our friendly and personable staff is waiting to greet you at the door to begin to build a plan that will lead you to better health, more complete fitness, and peace of mind. Our goal is to help you fulfill your full potential by being as healthy, confident, and pain-free as you can be.

Laurie McGuire, Physical Therapist, Founder

Laurie McGuire


“I love my job. I’ve been practicing since 1987 because I enjoy taking care of people and empowering them to take care of themselves. What I enjoy most about coming to work every day is the challenge and mystery in figuring out patterns of the human body and causes of pain and discomfort.”

Dana Armbruster, Physical Therapy Assistant

Dana Armbruster



"Being a therapist is incredibly rewarding. I love seeing the transformation that patients experience during therapy. My goal is to inspire people and get them feeling better physically and emotionally so they never want to give up."

Anna Rabie, Administrative Assitant

Anna Rabie


“I get a front row seat to watch how physical therapy improves people’s lives. It’s incredible. It’s what makes taking care of paperwork and scheduling so the therapists can do their jobs, so rewarding. I love working with friendly and professional staff and patients and I strive to treat our patients with warmth every time they come in.”

Marilyn Fournier, Medical Biller

Marilyn Fournier


“I take care of the billing and finances at Physical Therapy Center. I always try to go the extra mile for patients by working and communicating with their insurance providers so they can focus on what matters most – recovery and healing.”